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The Massage Therapy Board is responsible for issuing licenses to qualified professionals within the state of West Virginia. In order to practice within the state, you must successfully attain and maintain licensure with the Board. You will find all information needed in this section of our website to apply for your license or license renewal.

Two Year License
If you are not currently licensed to operate in the state of West Virginia, you must apply for the Two Year License. Licenses can be issued at any time, and expire two years after issuance at the end of the month.

Two Year Renewal
If you are currently licensed as a Massage Therapist in the state of West Virginia, you need to apply for a renewal in order to keep your license current. All licenses expire two years after issuance, so you will need to apply for a renewal before before you current license expires. Your renewal will then be valid for two years after it is issued and expires at the end of the month.

Code of Ethics
All licensed therapists are required to post the complete code of ethics at their place of business. This code is included in the license application packet or can be downloaded directly from here.

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