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Board History

The AMTA-WV Chapter formed a Legislative/Licensing Committee to work towards getting licensure in the state. Ever since the inception of our state chapter we had been encouraged to be pro-active in our fate as massage therapists.

Many were working with the medical field, but found out that we would not be recognized as providers for insurance coverage unless we would be "licensed". In order to elevate our profession, set standards and credentials, we worked hard in passing the licensing bill on the FIRST try!

Our work had just begun, though, in its passage. It set into motion and opened the doors for all the massage therapists to come together under one auspices and be monitored by a "Board" as called for in the licensing bill.

Whereas people had been practicing for years, some had studied in formal school settings, but many had come to it through the "school of experiential knowledge" gaining valuable lessons in working day to day with the public in sometimes their homes, and others in private or public settings, such as chiropractic offices. Many were very reluctant to come forth and become licensed at first. These were therapist who actually had been practicing for years, but feared that they would NOT be recognized for the knowledge and skills that they had obtained over the years. Their fears were sought to be put to rest by the first sitting Board.

The "rules" that were written were intended to guide the process in being fair, yet that would elevate the profession by instituting "standards of practice", a code of ethics and a minimum education level that would be in line with national standards.

Many lessons have been learned by all through this process. We are trying to improve and keep the standards high. As we gain respect in the community and medical fields we know that we have met our goals.

The public can be protected in knowing that the therapist they choose has the educational standards that exists even on a national level. It is the hope of the board that standards remain high and we continue to improve as changes are made for the good of all.

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